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Personal training is all about staying motivated and achieving timely results. We do this through setting goals, providing feedback and spurring you on even when you feel like giving up! A personal trainer can really inspire and motivate you, they will say just the right things to push you to challenge yourself just when you feel like you need to quit and will definitely make you work harder than you would on your own. Scheduling in sessions with a professional trainer will mean you are more likely to actually show up and exercise, with the knowledge and support of a coach your sessions will become much more fun and enjoyable in the process.

A certified fitness trainer will perform the relevant fitness assessments before, during and after an exercise programme to ensure that you are participating in the right type of exercise for your needs and also using proper form and technique, this enables you to get the maximum benefit out of your exercise programme in the safest manner.

A good personal trainer recognises that every client is an individual and will provide you with a bespoke workout programme to ensure that your personal goals become a reality. As a certified fitness professional they are able to educate you in many other aspects of wellness aside from exercise such as nutrition, lifestyle advice and general health and wellbeing. Many personal fitness professionals are also trained to help clients with special health considerations such as diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and heart disease.

Personal training does not necessarily mean long hours spent at the gym, most local personal trainers are more than happy to get out and about in the fresh air and will encourage outdoor sessions in local parks and other areas of the great outdoors. Many trainers can also provide sessions in the comfort of your own home and will bring all of the necessary exercise equipment to you. Alternatively, they may offer the option of a private gym, which some people find much less intimidating than your local commercial gym chain. Whichever method you choose your personal trainer will help you to feel comfortable by teaching you to use your exercise equipment correctly and making you feel at ease in your surrounding environment.

The benefits of hiring a fitness coach to help you achieve your goals can include:

  • Improved body composition (i.e. changing your body shape)
  • Better physical performance
  • Improved fitness levels, resulting in a healthier heart and cardiovascular system
  • Increase in confidence, self-esteem and overall wellbeing

A personal trainer will push you to the limits of your ability in a safe and controlled manner (something which is very difficult to achieve by yourself), they will guide you through your entire programme of health and fitness development, helping you to avoid injury and to get the very best out of your workout programme.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, build muscle or improve your overall levels of fitness, hiring a personal trainer can be the first step on the road to success, it is an investment in your health and quality of life and will provide you with following benefits along the way:

  • Motivation and guidance
  • Education on cardio, fitness, nutrition and lifestyle choices
  • Keep track of your progress and advise you how best to move forward
  • A reason to get out and exercise no more excuses!
  • Support and advice

So what are you waiting for?

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